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Cuckoos are found across Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. They are migratory birds, arriving in Europe in the spring and leaving in the fall to winter in Africa.

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Cuckoos have a slender, gray body with a long tail. They have a distinctive call that sounds like “cuckoo”. The male’s call is given in groups of 10-20 with short pauses in between

Directed by Cuckoo 2024

Tilman Singer

Writing by Cuckoo 2024

Tilman Singer

Cast  by Cuckoo 2024

Hunter SchaferGretchen
Jan BluthardtHenry
Marton CsokasLuis (as Márton Csókás)
Jessica HenwickBeth
Dan StevensHerr König
Mila LieuAlma
Greta FernándezTrixie
Proschat MadaniDr. Bonomo
Astrid Bergès-FrisbeyEd (as Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey)
Konrad SingerErik
Kalin MorrowHooded Woman
Johannes BeneckeSilent Cop
Matthea Lára PedersenTeenage Girl
Veronika BachfischerDr. Bonomos Assistant
Joshua HupfauerDriver
Philipp ArnoldNurse
Conny BrandtAbsentminded Woman
Laura PröllReceptionist
Christoph Cordes2nd Mover
Massimiliano Monticciollo2nd Mover
Jennifer BuschmannMother Teenage Girl
Jana BangeYoung Tourist Woman
Victor PeterszegiYoung Tourist Man
Elisa KühnlHomo-Cuculidae Voices
Roman EwertYoung Male Doctor
Lesley Jennifer HiglHenry’s Wife (as Lesley Higl)

Produced by Cuckoo 2024

Thor Bradwellproducer (produced by)
Emily Cheungco-producer
Jeff Deutchmanexecutive producer
Ryan Frisciaexecutive producer
Markus Halberschmidtproducer (produced by)
Ken Kaoproducer (produced by)
Miggelline producer
Tom Quinnexecutive producer
Ben Rimmerproducer (produced by)
Josh Rosenbaumproducer (produced by)
David SridharanJunior Producer
Emily Thomasexecutive producer
Maria Tsigkaproducer (produced by)
Jason Waldexecutive produce

Music by Cuckoo 2024

Simon Waskow

Editing by Cuckoo 2024

Terel Gibson
Philipp Thomas

Casting By Cuckoo 2024

Sabine Schwedhelm

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